Friday, 8 March 2013

Bliss Inspiration : International Women's Day

Demands for women's rights in the early days

Did you know that today is International Women's Day? I have been listen to some fascinating stories about some truly inspiring women on local ABC radio all week. International Women's Day  has been an annual event since 1911 and aims to celebrate womens achievements through out history and across nations. Even though it seems we as women have come a long way with regards to equality and rights; did you know that according to the United Nations, no where in the world can women claim to have the same rights and opportunities to men. The majority of the worlds 1.3 billion absolute poor are women. Worldwide on average, women receive around 30% less income to men and continue to be victims of violence which is the most significant cause of disability and death among women world wide. For these reasons it is so important to come together as women and celebrate our strength, courage fortitude and steadfastness to continue on this fight for equality for all women regardless of race, religion or wealth.

The names of many inspiring women from throughout history come to mind as I write this; Joan of arc, Elizabeth 1, Catherine the Great, Florence Nightingale, Emmeline Pankhurst, Mother Teresa, Rosa Parks,  Anne Frank, Benazir Bhutto just to name a few. Some of my very favourite are; Jane Austen and Coco Chanel for being courageous enough to follow their creative passions and Audrey Hepburn and Diana Princess of Wales for using their heightened identities for humanitarian purposes.

Diana Prices of Wales & Mother Teresa, Dame Elisabeth Murdoch in her beloved garden (Top) The Gorgeous Bonita Mabo (bottom right)

There are also two very special Australians that have been particularly inspirational to me. The first being Dame Elisabeth Murdoch, who has recently passed at age 103 years. This beautiful lady spent her life helping those in need and devoted her life to philanthropy. In an interview she once stated; "Looking out for people is the most important thing in life and the most rewarding" and "happiness, I think, lies in thought for other people and trying to help them" The second is Bonita Mabo, wife of Eddie Mabo who's activism collimated in the high court decision that changed indigenous land rights in Australia. Bonita is a long time advocate for South Sea Islanders and the education of Indigenous Australian Children while being a constant presence in North Queensland Indigenous affairs.

With so many special women like those named above contributing to their communities in many wonderful ways, I think it is important to honour all of the Mothers, Grand mothers, Aunties, Sisters and daughters throughout the world who through the actions and deeds are quietly encouraging others  to be thoughtful, loyal, courageous, respectful, kind, gracious, committed, nurturing and hard working; not because they are well known but because they want to change the world.

A cheeky World War 2 poster aimed at women.

There are many activities being held in communities all over the world for this marvellous day. Women are coming together to inspire each other and celebrate the strength of womanhood. As for me, I'm off to my Zumba class with my beautiful teacher Nella and a room choc-a-block full of womanly energy and spirit.

Have you got any plans for International Woman's Day?

Heather xx

Photos via Google images; information and resources via UNwomen, The Australian News Paper, BRW online, Biography online, Perth Now News paper

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