Friday, 1 February 2013

January Jewels

Surf Watch at Little Cove Noosa
I can hardly believe we are already entering the second month for 2013, where has the time gone? The conclusion of January signals the end of our 'endless summer' school holidays. It is with a heavy heart that we wave good by to all of our lazy, hazy, relaxed and blissed out summer days where the hardest decision we had to make was the time we were going to the beach, the flavour gelati we would choose, what we were going to read and which one of our favourite cafes would we be visiting to enjoy our almost daily coffee and in my case, what I was going to pin on pinterest. Thankfully, the real non summer holiday world that exists with school and life routine is still pretty cruisy in our household and we still get snippets of that gorgeous summer life each afternoon and on weekends.

January Jewels

With the kids back at school, my house feels exceptionally quiet but is remarkably tidy and just quietly I am happy to have a little more structure to my days. As usual January was all about Blissful living and the joyful loving of life here on the Sunny Coast. It all began with Reflections of my heart, I shared with you the poetic beauty of Margaret MacDonald and explained how Hemingway struck a cord. My little (big) man, Master T, celebrated another birthday and confirmed his rightful place as a gentleman in training while my family enjoyed what seemed to be an endless summer. We spent balmy summer days being romanced by Jazz and Blues while giving Miss R room to grow. Australia Day was a total wash out which allowed me the time to reflect on why and how we Aussies celebrate the day while enjoying the ritual of drinking lots of tea. Our moments of bliss turned muddy as January finished with the heavens opening to flood many areas and communities near by. Thank goodness Noosa was spared but our beautiful river is now a lovely shade of brown. I look forward to leaping into February and simply adoring this life of mine known as My Ocean Bliss. Heather xx

All photos taken by Heather apart from the Margaret MacDonald art work and the Hemingway Quote

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