Saturday, 23 February 2013

Extra Bliss : Funshine Forever by Miss R

Miss R having fun in the Noosa Surf and Sun photo by Heather

Long before the birth of this very blog My Ocean Bliss, Miss R asked me repeatedly, over and over again if she could start a blog. Completely confounded I asked my pre - teen  daughter how she knew about blogs and what she thought she needed one for? She promptly informed me that everyone knew about blogs and since she wanted to write a book one day, she thought a blog would be good writing practise. Quite a simple response really, just one I wasn't expecting.

At this time I didn't know much about blogs or blogging other then reading my friend Nicole's blog Alphabet Monkey or logging in to my favourite lifestyle blogs such as Carla Coulson's Carla loves Photography. So, I set about  researching the idea of kids blogging; which admittedly turned up some pretty positive and encouraging information. Good, I wasn't going to be a bad parent if I allowed my daughter to blog so long as I monitored it very closely.

Noosa Nature Walk Photos by Miss R

Next I spoke to Nicole who suggested that the best way for me to get a feel for the whole blogging scene was to start my own blog. Hmmm eeeek that was a daunting thought! What on earth could I blog about that would be the least bit interesting to others and who would even want to read it? After tremendous encouragement from Mr P and Nicole I decided to give it a go with My Ocean Bliss. As it turns out, all of the early morning advanced English classes I attended for my HSC (year 12 final exams) had in fact payed off, I love writing, I do have things to write about and even though there aren't many of you, I do have followers who's support has been enormously gratifying. I completed my entry into the world of blogging by enrolling in one of Holly Becker's online courses which gave me a fantastic knowledge of and great love for blogging.

Yummy food baked by Miss R photo by Miss R

So, after much patience, Miss R was given the go ahead to start her own blog. Funshine Forever is a blog full of fun for kids by a surfy girl from a coastal town who lives a life full of adventure and loves to bake.  It began as a summer holiday project for the both of us to do together and I must say it has gone even better then I expected. Her blog has became a real focus of creative energy for Miss R. She designed the whole look of it; colours, font, style, the whole lot, takes her own photos and styles them up using various photo apps, thinks carefully about posts before writing them herself and never leaves home without her 'blog ideas note book' and camera. Blogging has created another connection between Miss R and I and has generated many new thoughts, ideas and conversations between us. What I like most about Miss R blogging is the fact that while she is having fun, developing creatively and improving her writing skills, she is actually embarking on the journey required to fulfil her dream to one day be a published writer.

Funshine Forever by Miss R.

If you haven't already, take a peek at Miss R's blog Funshine Forever and add a little ray of sunshine to your day!

Heather xx

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