Thursday, 28 February 2013

Bliss Inspiration : Rain Song

More of the same rainy days and high tides …… again.

Rain rain go away,
Come again another day

I just can't get this silly little tune out of my head. I know it wasn't that long ago that I was begging mother nature to gift us with some rain, but this soaking really is becoming too much. I'm not sure how much more of this weather the east coast of Australia and in particular South East Queensland can take? Thankfully, as I have mentioned here before, Noosa has escaped real major damage, apart from the heavy erosion of our beautiful beach that is.

A friendly walk through the national park

This lengthy dose of summer rain hasn't stopped us from enjoying the beauty of our surroundings though. There is just so much to experience and appreciate whatever the weather. We recently took the opportunity to enjoy a walk through the gorgeous Noosa National Park, made even more delightful by the company and chatter of dear friends.

Noosa River boat ramp

We've enjoyed strolls along the Noosa River and watched the comings and goings of local boaties and fishermen. Master T was able to attend his sailing weekend with the Navy Cadets which ironically was blessed with perfect sailing conditions and a slowing down of rainfall.

The view from Noosa board walk

Finally, regardless of the weather, there is always a coffee to be enjoyed in any one of the wonderful local cafes. Instead of lazying on the beach with take away lattes, we have sat behind a rarely closed glass door watching the rain gather off shore. Wind, rain or shine life is still great and even though the clouds may be dull, the atmosphere here in Noosa is still radiant and blissful.

Hows the weather at your place? Does it stop you from enjoying your local area or can you still find some bliss?

Heather xx

All photos by Heather

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