Monday, 4 February 2013

Bliss Inspiration : The Might of Mother Nature

This may appear like just another photo of just another beach but it far more extraordinary then it first seems. This is actually Noosa Main Beach minus its very famous stretch of sand.

This is how Noosa Main Beach looked before the recent wild weather that hit the East Coast of Australia; full of sand and hundreds of meters between the flags for swimming. The sand has now been dragged off the beach and deposited off shore leaving a mere one hundred metres at most between the flags. Not a new problem for our beloved beach, it has intermittently suffered from such erosion over the years due to cyclones and heavy sea conditions. It is a situation that council has been working on in recent times, you can read more about their sand recycling project here. For now though, it is just Mother Natures way of wilding her might to affirm that she is the only one truly capable of reshaping the evolving and ever changing landscape of our magnificent coastline.

Heather xx

Photos by Heather

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