Friday, 8 February 2013

Bliss Inspiration : A Gentle Sense of Tranquility

A Strange sense of tranquillity

This dramatic Sky depicts a rather ominous image, though in reality was nothing of the sort. I took this photo at Noosa main beach this morning as Mr P was enthusiastically catching the small yet perfect long board waves. Sitting there in that very moment, I was overwhelmed with a sense of tranquillity  and stillness and a sense of being exactly where I was meant to be at that very moment in time. I was surrounded by a lovely vibe on the beach, with few people but quiet sounds of happiness, joy and friendly conversation. The air was warm even though the sky was overcast and there was an ever so gentle breeze blowing off the water.

A triumphant and extremely relaxed Mr P. exiting the surf
I adore how the cloud appears to be a love heart above and to the left of him 

Sitting there with the sand between my toes, starring out to the ocean, observing the formation of the moving clouds and smelling the salt air; I felt completely embraced by and at one with nature. It is my belief that these are the moments that allow me to gain inspiration from my soul and are so incredibly grounding for my spirit. Sounds a bit hippy la, la I know, but it is totally true for me and is an important  aspect in my endeavour to life my best and most authentic life.

Don't forget to find your own little piece of tranquillity this weekend but most of all, just enjoy yourself.

Heather xx

Both photos taken by Heather

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