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Bliss Culture : Why don't we build Queenslanders anymore?

An iconic Queenslander home

It is very wet and soggy on the Sunny Coast at the moment. It is our wet season, but we seem to be getting all the rain that we should have received earlier this season, in one big hit. There have been some very nervous people watching the amount of rainfall rather closely, especially those who are still recovering from the last recent flooding. Which got me thinking about the original iconic Queenslander style homes and rather more, the lack of them. Though highly coveted, they seem to be the old originals that have been continuously lived in since their construction, which are now extremely run down or those that have been meticulously restored to their original (often beyond their original) beauty, but not new builds. There was a reason our forebarers built this style of home, quite simply they were perfect for the extreme Queensland environment, landscape and climate. Which begs me to ask the question; why aren't we building more of these homes?

A beautiful old original

When I was a child I, enjoyed and endured many a driving holiday to Bundaburg from the Illawarra, approximately 1400kms in distance, to visit family. It was the sight of all the beautiful Queenslanders that signified our departure from Northern NSW and our entrance into Queensland. I would day dream about moving to Queensland and living in a Queenslander as we drove past them. 

Another beautiful Queenslander

One such memorable trip that will forever be etched into my mind was the one my Mum and I took when I was about 5 years old with my Aunty and Uncle. It was the late 70's and we travelled in their 1960 something Valiant all the way up to Cairns, over 2500kms from home. My gosh it was the quintessential Aussie road trip. We drove through the night with the occasional pull off to the side of the road so my Uncle (the driver) could get some shut eye. The trip was broken up by visits to Pubs with 'beer gardens' for our Pub lunches and dinners and my Uncle's customary refreshing schooner. My charismatic Uncle Tez and funloving Aunty Suze would chat to the locals and make new friends promising to call in and visit on their next trip, then we'd be on our way again. Wow, these were the days before seat belts and alcohol limits were made legal, how times have changed!

Luscious tropical green fields of North Queensland

A Queensland  Cane Field

Our never ending road trip was accompanied with lots of laughter and if I recall correctly lots of Don McLean and Cat Stevens blaring through the old Valiant speakers. We drove past endless fields of sugar cane and luscious green tropical scenery. We reached our destination late one night, it was my Uncle Tez's dad's sugar cane property with a large original Queenslander homestead complete with  a large wrap around veranda, lino and dusty wooden floor boards, outside toilet and a nightly invasion of cane toads. I clearly remember being absolutely traumatised by the fact that I had to use an unlit, outside toilet and even worse, the plague of cane toads I had to pass through to get to it. 

What a beauty and a dream of mine

I don't recall how long we actually stayed there as this holiday memory was all about the journey and the special time I shared with my lovely Mum, crazy but fun Aunty Suze and  Uncle Tez and all of the beautiful old Queenslanders I counted whilst starring out the window of that great old Valiant. So, heres to the great Australian Queenslander style homes and my as yet unattained day dream to one day own one.

Heather xx

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  1. Beautiful houses! They should build them more :-) Found your blog on Blog Boss! Will keep following you. xx

  2. Thanks for stopping by Claudia! Yes I think we should be building more of them too. I look forward to completing the course with you.
    Heather xx

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