Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Bliss Culture : The Romance of Dance

Lift, hold it, hold it, hold it!

Whilst flicking through late night T.V. recently and telling myself I should have be asleep already, found it. Dirty Dancing. My thought to watch five minutes to see what stage the movie was up to, was a huge mistake. Five minutes was enough to draw me in completely, I wasn't going anywhere. In just the same way that a song or piece of music, a familiar scent or the taste of a particular dish can flood us with memories of reminiscence; it appears that so too can a movie.

Come here lover boy, oh lover boy…….

Oh Lordy, how this movie took me straight back to 1988. The year I turned thirteen, started (and hated) high school, loved my chosen sport of ballroom dancing and wanted to be like 'Baby' or Jennifer Grey; didn't every teenage girl? Actually, this reminds me of how I even stopped trying to straighten my unruly curly hair and talked mum into letting me get it cut the same style as 'baby'. As a matter of fact, I recently got the big chop again after years of growing it long. I was actually going for a modern take on a 1920's style bob and am very impressed with my stylist's work but am repeatedly told by another stylist at the salon that she "can't believe how much I look like Jennifer Grey in Dirty Dancing" (I don't by the way, apart from the hair). This makes me laugh, how much I would have loved to have heard that 25 years ago! 

Do you think they saw us?

I clearly remember going along to the grand old Regent theatre in Wollongong with my Mum, Auntie and cousin to watch the movie. It wasn't until a few years later that I realised I didn't understand a lot of the major themes of the movie when I was thirteen but was non the less mesmerised by it. After years of being teased by kids at school for 'dancing with a boy', all of a sudden girls and their older sisters wanted me to teach them how to "Dirty Dance" My supposed daggy style of dancing become popular in a flash and I felt extremely smitten about the sudden  and unanticipated attention.

Nobody puts baby in a corner!

I believe I wouldn't have watched this movie for almost 20 years before that night. I still found it unbelievably sexy and romantic but for a whole range of different reasons now as an adult. I still believe Patrick Swayze was the most charming dancer of his time. In this week of Valentines Day romance how could I not think of Dirty Dancing as been one beautiful love story to remember.

So many Memorable moments, songs and dances to choose from but this has to be one of the greatest movie endings ever! I think the final word should be quoted from 'Baby';

"I'm scared of walking out of this room and never feeling the rest of my whole life, the way I feel when I'm with you"

Heather xx

Photo's via Pinterest Google images and clip courtesy of YouTube

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