Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Bliss Culture : Mesmerising Rhythms of Ballroom Stories

1920's glamour and Gentlemanly style via pinterest

Reminiscent of the decadence and glamour of the 1920's and 30's, the charming album titled Ballroom Stories by Viennese producer Waldeck is one of my very favourites. It is bursting with an alluring   modern take on old era swing meets sultry tango and is smoothed over with a touch of reggae and believe me it works a treat. Most of the albums fantastic arrangements have been recorded live, but Waldeck creativly added the use of old gramophones and shellac recordings to recreate the mesmerising sound of the original music of the 1920's and 30's

Klaus Waldeck and the captivating voice of his masterpiece, Zeebee (aka Eve Angel) via google images

When asked about his interest of this era Waldeck stated; "I am fascinated by the lust for life and the hedonistic character of the era" and that " much of this tradition was destroyed by the Nazi regime in the second world war. I am trying to find an appropriate continuation of this sound that has long been neglected." Here, here! I love that this music isn't a copy of the original but an updated 21st century version. Now to one of the fantastic tunes off the album that will put a huge smile on your face and make you want to dance. It is called Memories and gets played often at my house. Clip courtesy of You Tube

Oh to be able to find that street corner, clock tower and old Peugeot full of artists that Gill (Owen Wilson) found in the movie Midnight In Paris, even only if for just one night!

Heather xx

Additional artist information via Ballroom Stories

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