Thursday, 31 January 2013

Moments of Bliss Turned Muddy

Crystal Clear Waters of Noosa River

I can hardly believe that these beautiful photos were taken only a week ago. On an early morning walk with Miss R. we came across one of those rare, but often brilliant photographic opportunities. Looking into the crystal clear waters of The Noosa River we noticed that we could see right through it to our shadows on the soft sandy bottom. The water has sparkled in the river and along our coast all summer and it has felt quite magical to swim in it. Believe it or not, the above photos were taken at 6:30am and although we weren't planning on having a swim, the gorgeous clear blue skies and tantalising water didn't take long to lure in Miss R. 

Our now brown Noosa River

Fast forward a few days and this is how our beautiful river looked. Once the cyclonic winds and torrential rain had finally passed and it was safe to venture down to the waters edge again, this is what we were greeted with. I'm actually standing in almost the same spot as I was when I took the first pictures above. We were the lucky ones; here in Noosa we didn't loose power or phone and communication, nor did we loose our homes or livelihoods or face water restrictions and shortages as other communities not far from us have. As I write this post the Army is flying over head on their way to Bundaberg to assist with the devastating clean up. The worst we have to deal with here at Noosa is a river full of mud and tannin that will eventually pass, and foliage and branches blown off previously ridiculously dried out trees (dry because we really haven't had any rain this wet season till now) that have washed over the shore line, footpaths and local boardwalks. Ironically, parts of Victoria is still ablaze and desperately need some rain and yet her in Queensland, we have more water then we know what to do with. As that quirky Gangajang song goes ….. 'This is Australia'

Stay Safe, Heather xx

All Photos by Heather

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