Monday, 28 January 2013

Moments Of Bliss : The Ritual of Drinking Tea

Some of my favourite tea cups 

'You can never get a cup of tea large enough or a book long enough to suit me' 

C. S. Lewis

Mmmm, now this is my idea of the perfect way to enjoy blissful relaxation. There is nothing better then arriving home from a walk along or swim at the beach and settling into a great read with a massive cup of tea. Thanks to tropical cyclone Oswald, we haven't seen any sunshine or enjoyed the beach these last few days. With major flooding and sever weather warnings throughout South East Queensland, we haven't even left our street. Thankfully we are safe and sound in our home but there are many who aren't and my thoughts, prayers and heart goes out to all of them. So, there has been nothing better to do then to knuckle down with a great read  (which I'll fill you in on later) and multiple massive cups of divine strong tea.

My love of tea comes with great thanks to my wonderful Grandparents, known as Nan and Pop. I have vivid childhood memories of our shared tea ritual. It all started with the mesmerising smell of fresh tea leaves in a huge pot, milk poured from a glass jug and sugar spooned from a fancy sugar pot. All of which was accompanied by a selection of tantalising biscuits. The most important part of the ritual was everyone sitting together around the dinning room table chatting and enjoying our tea. Apart from the fact that my dear charming Pop has now passed, I know I will be greeted with the same tea ritual when ever I visit my fabulous Nan. In fact, the very same tea ritual occurs at my Mum's house whenever she is receives visitors.

In my house, my day cannot begin without my quiet morning cuppa and dinner isn't quite complete until we've shared our post dinner cuppa. Many a good book has been read while sipping a huge, strong cup of tea and personal moments of piece, quiet and bliss have been enjoyed over one. Special family moments have been shared, discussed, debated and observed over a nice strong cup of tea. The ritual that was apart of my childhood has now been passed on to my children all thanks to that very first cup of tea that shared with my Nan and Pop.

So, do you have a tea ritual or are you a coffee drinker? Heather xx

Photo by Heather

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