Thursday, 24 January 2013

Moments of Bliss : Giving her room to grow

1, 2, 3 and She's up

I've heard it said just recently by Alison Gibb over at Her Indoors that when you live near a beach you tend to feel like it is 'your' beach, even though your well aware that every other local feels the same. For my family and I, the beach has become an extension of our home and our home life. The beach and being near the ocean holds major significance. It has been central to our lives in so many ways and has been the location for a recent achievement and confidence boost for our Miss R. 

Her love for surfing began last summer but now 12 months on she is completely obsessed. Importantly, it was also one of those moments of growth as a parent where you know you have to let go a little more then you feel comfortable to allow your child to flourish and achieve success. We started out this summer with early morning surfs and Miss R surfing with her dad by her side. Now, after lots of practise she has built up the courage and confidence to to be in the water on her own. She begged us to let her 'go out on her own' and promised she would keep looking back to make sure she wasn't drifting too far away from us. How could we refuse? so we nervously sat very close to the waters edge as Miss R paddled out with all the other little grooms (little learner surfer kids).

Giving her room to grow

There were mixed feelings of pride, as she held her own and knew which waves to paddle for, jumbled with feelings of nervous anxiety and the instinct to 'protect our young'. After what felt like an eternity  but was more like 20 minutes, a compromise of emotions were discussed and as Miss R paddled further out the back to get first pick of the waves, we decided that she had enjoyed enough time building her confidence. It was now time for her father to be a little closer to the action, so Mr P swam out to join her (much to my relief).

One glance along the waters edge suggested that we weren't the only parents allowing their children the moment to shine. Dotted along the tide mark were other parents either knee deep in water or very close to the edge with their necks stretched and looks of deep concentration on their faces watching over their young. Just another joy of living and loving  here on the beautiful Sunny Coast.

All photos by Heather

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