Saturday, 12 January 2013

Extra Bliss : A young gentleman in training

Quiet contemplation - photo by Heather 

My very special Master T. recently celebrated his birthday. It doesn't feel that long ago that we were celebrating his last one. The years have passed by far too quickly and watching my children grow up is a wonderful marker for the time. The only trouble is that I don't feel as old as the years tell me I am since Master T. was born, which is a good thing I suppose. As has happened in his previous years, this last year has bought about achievements, fulfilment of goals and most importantly happiness and new friendships for Master T. We are very proud of the caring, sensitive and determined young man Master T. is becoming.

For every young man - image via pinterest

It is a wonderful thing as a parent to observe how my children are taking on the positive attributes and virtues that I have tried to impart to them over their years of growing. I have encouraged my son to have a strong sense of self, assertiveness, courage and inner strength but to balance these attributes by possessing qualities of sensitivity, understanding, gentleness and over all exceptionally good manners. Of course his own unique personality has been open and accepting of this guidance, but I am none the less very proud of the true young gentleman he has become and knowing that some of this has come from me.

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  1. Master T. Is set to make an exceptional gentleman. What a wonderful young man we have in our lives!


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