Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Bliss Inspiration : Reflections of the heart

Photo by Heather and words by Pia Jane Bijkerk 

As often happens to me with the dawning of a new year, I devote moments of reflection on the year that was. It seems that before I can look ahead, I need to remember the special moments of the past year. I rejoice in the highs and look fondly on my (our family's) successes. I acknowledge the lows and hope they've made me stronger and perhaps just a little bit wiser. I hold gratitude for all of the experiences of the previous 12 months and how they've contributed to the more wiser me. Generally, I'm not one for setting life changing New Years resolutions. I actually tend to leave them for my birthday where I find myself more serious and philosophical about life. 

I do however, like to set a mood for how I want to embrace this new year. Late last year I had a fascinating and inspiring conversation with a friend. We spoke freely about our dreams and goals in life and how we thought we should go about achieving them. Then she said something that really made my hair stand on its end and gave me goose bumps. You know that feeling you get when you've heard something that resonates so deeply with you that it touches your soul. She said it was her belief that;

"Your heart cannot desire that which it cannot attain for itself"

In other words; if you have the creativity to think it and to dream it, then you have the capacity to achieve it. You just have to posses faith in the natural flow of life to get you there. It is that exact thought that makes the quotation on the image above all the more important to me. Along with the above statement has become my mantra for living in 2013. So, for me this year is all about having faith in the creative flow of life when it comes to the dreams of my heart. What about you, do you have a ritual that you like to start your new year with?


  1. Oh heather that is such an inspiration post. what a lovely concept..if you can dream it you can acheive it basically..many of us dont even know what we are capable of as we always underestimate our own efforts in comparisons to others.
    I agree it has been great to reflect over the last year..i dont make strict resolutions either. but I decide to leave my job and start the new year fresh with a focus on me and family and home. I feel excited for a fresh start nicxx

    1. Wow Nic, I am so excited for you and your fresh start. It really has been a new year with new beginnings for you. I know that life has great things in store for you and you deserve every bit of success that comes your way my dear friend. Heather xx


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