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Bliss Culture : The Romance of Jazz and Blues

The romance of smooth bluesy jazz - image via pinterest

There has been a lot of music being played in our house over the summer holidays, which has been really wonderful. I'm a firm believer that music evokes many feelings and emotions and can set tone and ambience to a room or home. With four very different personalities residing in the same space, the genre choice has been far and wide. We have had everything from Cat Stevens to Goyte, from dub step to classical, from movie sound tracks to current top forties and trust me everything in between. I'm fairly partial to most of it though I just thank goodness our house has well and truly grown out of the Wiggles. Don't get me wrong, I loved the Wiggles when the kids were little. Both of my kids sang and danced their little hearts out to many a Wiggles tune but after ten years of it in our house, I was delighted to pack the C.D's and DVD's into a box labeled 'kid's memorabilia'

We can't discuss smooth romantic jazz with out mentioning Michael Buble'

I've always had a soft spot to smooth bluesy jazz. I don't now if it was all of my childhood years  spent dancing  to it or the memory of all the old silver screen movies I used to watch with my grandparents, but this genre recalls such charming feelings for me. It also captures thoughts and images of glamour, decadence, romance and luxury in my mind, just like the picture at the very top.

A very romantic 'These Arms Of Mine' by Otis Redding with visuals from Dirty Dancing; perfect I would say.

My husband has been convinced for years now that jazz just isn't his style and usually skips past any tracks that turn up. So, you can imagine my sheer delight when it was my turn to choose the music and I chose my 'Romantic Jazz' playlist at which Mr P and my two juniors all said they loved. Even to go so far as to load some of this music onto their own devices. I love that after nearly 19 years of marriage I can still  introduce my husband to something new to enjoy together. As it turns out, he didn't realise that not all jazz is accompanied by a big brass band or 'noise' as he calls it. I also love that even though my children are older and developing their own tastes, style and interests that they still think some of their mum's music is 'awesome'.

Etta James - 'At Last'

I have shared just three of my favourite songs that now have new memories and feelings attached to them, thanks to the fantastic summer we're having and my very musically varied family. Thank you my beautiful family!

All music clips linked viaYoutube

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