Friday, 28 December 2012

Moments of Bliss : Tea House treasure

Noosa River - One of our favourite places to be.

Ahhh, I love this time of year. The flurry of Christmas has passed and the anticipation of a new year on the horizon evokes excitement and thoughts of new beginnings. With a month of summer school holidays ahead it is a time free of schedules. Each new day is to be enjoyed, to meet with friends, relax and bask in this beautiful environment we live in.

As I linger in feelings of an endless summer, my family and I become frequent visitors to our favourite local cafes. Noosa River is lined with beautiful Restaurants and cafes filled with gorgeous foods to suit every taste and budget. Best of all, each and every one of these restaurants and cafes are endowed with amazing views of the magnificent Noosa River.

Chai Tea at Metal Tiger
Metal Tiger Tea Emporium is our very favourite on the River. Its Chai tea is absolutely adorable and made on real leaves not the powdered imitation that is often served else where. Master T and Miss R love the bubble tea and often choose the Coffee or Pina Colada (non alcoholic of course) flavour again made on fresh ingredients. To top it all off we usually share a couple of pieces of the beautiful home made flans, tarts, cakes or puddings on offer.

The View from Metal Tiger
Once we have completely 'blissed' out at Metal Tiger; we tend to take a stroll along the river, not only to soak up the very grounding atmosphere but to walk off some of our indulgence.

I hope you too are able to find some moments of bliss during this festive and special time of year.

All photos taken by Heather

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