Saturday, 8 December 2012

Moments Of Bliss : Summer Rain!

Rain on our lawn 
This appears like a rather dreary image to post but it is more significant then it seems. We have had an absolute sweltering week of heat with temperatures averaging ten degrees above expected top temperatures for this time of year. There have been bush fires not too far from us burning out of control, not only because it is the season for it but because it is just so dry and windy at the moment. As you can see from the image above, our usually luscious green grass has turned to a burned brown colour. 

Long awaited rain clouds
But alas, we had a summer shower for a couple of hours yesterday and it was such a welcomed relief. It was the first time we had seen rain clouds or indeed rain for a few weeks. I just adore the smell of fresh summer rain on a burned brown lawn. Eucalyptus wafted through the air thanks to the massive eucalyptus trees in our garden and the native wildlife came out to bask in the cool wet.

Our once dry wooden garden features have been wet down and our roses appeared refreshed and vibrant once again with this well timed summer drenching. Sadly, the rain disappeared as quickly as it arrived with blue skies returning within a couple of hours.

Always one to focus on the positive, I feel fortunate to know that even grey clouds can brighten my day and become a moment of bliss.

All photos are by Heather

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