Thursday, 20 December 2012

Extra Christmas Bliss

A peek at our December Celebrations so far - all photos taken by Heather

This is my family's second Christmas here on the magnificent Sunshine Coast and the only thing missing is our extended but very close family on Christmas day. When living in Shellharbour, we enjoyed seeing out Christmas day with our beautiful family. My mum the domestic goddess, has hosted a marvellous Christmas lunch or dinner for all to enjoy ever since I was little. The Christmas parties that I enjoyed as a child with my brother, Sister, little cousins, aunties, Uncles and Grand parents are now enjoyed by my children and my cousins children. My Aunties and Uncles have become great Aunties and great Uncles and still bring fun and excitement to our gatherings. My gorgeous Nan still plays Mrs Clause to all of the children who are now her great grand children with special heartfelt gifts. It was actually my Nan who bought my son his first MP3 player when they were popular a few years ago. I am constantly amazed at how in touch my Nan is  with the youngsters of our family.

But, it seems that not even distance can stop this family from celebrating Christmas together. The only difference being that it's now spread throughout December instead of the day itself and if anything has actually made the joy of Christmas last longer and hold more meaning for us. For the second year now, we have had family arrive and depart from early December through till January. Each time new guests arrive there is an air of excitement in our house. We lovingly enjoy late night chats, early morning swims, afternoon rests (to recover from the late nights and early morning swims) long and lazy visits to our favourite local cafes and organise a special Christmas Day themed lunch or dinner. We linger over fruit and cheese platters and enjoy late afternoon strolls along Noosa Main Beach board walk with a gelato in hand.

Rather then packing all of our celebrating into one special day, we now get to enjoy and treasure each and every heart felt moment that we are together with our family. So, for now this family has discovered a new way to celebrate Christmas and in doing so have become even closer.


  1. so true heather..looks like you have some wonderful family pics there. and staring some new traditions is quite exciting for you all. i had missed your blog updates but sometimes we all must just go with the flow of life.
    love nicolex

    1. Thanks Nic, it's good to be blogging again but the time with family has been really re-energising. Heather 😊


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