Monday, 3 December 2012

Bliss Culture : Heavenly Tunes

Cover for the Mummers album Tale to Tell

It was quite by accident that we discovered this fantastic group based at the English seaside town of Brighton. They creatively take their name 'The Mummers' from medieval performing groups that would go from door-to-door wearing costumes and masks and staging plays in rhyme, song and mime. Their sound has been described as 'an orchestral urban fairground' and includes inspiration from fairytale tapes that lead signer-songwriter Raissa Khan-Panni would listen to as a child, which were set to the sound of a carnival, a marching band and a string quartet. Raissa has also described the Mummers as 'musical adaptions of real life events and fairytale versions of the mundane'.

Play to hear the song 'This is Heaven' by the Mummers

My current favourite 'Mummers' song is, 'This is Heaven' it is so uplifting and I often feel like it was written for me. There are many moments throughout my day living here in Noosa that I feel like I 'm in heaven with my own little piece of paradise at my fingertips. The YouTube clip above is so creative and very clever, it is the song 'This is heaven' set to vision from 'Barbarella' and was uploaded by MummersVids

The exquisite  Dita Von Teese

When listening to 'This is Heaven, it is easy to imagine a big brass stage band accompanying a charming and glamourous burlesque dancer as she glides across a stage on a swing while swooning her audience with memorable catchy and chaotic melodies. Isn't it wonderful when music has such an affect on us, in an instant it can truly change our mood. 

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