Thursday, 29 November 2012

November Bliss Notables

A Noosa Sunset 

As the sun begins to set on this November, the last month of spring, I am astounded that My Ocean Bliss has been in existence for two months already. I have learnt so much about blogging in such a short space of time and it has been largely due to my involvement with Holly Becker's Blog Your Way e-course. Something Holly said that really inspired me was that successful blogging comes from being authentic and "staying true to ones own personality, spirit or character" This has become somewhat of a mantra for me as I've come to understand and appreciate how my authenticity and uniqueness gives me my own distinct sparkle in life.  My Ocean Bliss has been a reflection of that 'sparkle' and has given me a sense of freedom and exuberance to be myself.

I took a screen shot of my blog 30 days ago and can't believe how different it is today. At that time it was the best I could do, but what a change a month has made. I guess when you always do your very best, you don't actually realise how much your very best is continually improving and as a result, raising the quality of your work. As my confidence in blogging has grown so too has my ability to put more of my personality into Ocean Bliss. I have changed the layout to add more of my personal content onto the home page with the left hand side bar containing photos that I have taken. I have added a slightly more whimsical text to the right hand side bar and added an over all brighter and more exciting colour range to the text. Over all I have become braver in putting my own personality into my blog to create something unique and authentic. Though the changes have been subtle, they have had a huge impact to the over all feel and presentation of Ocean Bliss. What do you think? Have the improvements been a success?

Screen Shot of My Ocean Bliss taken 30 days ago

So, today is a perfect day to recap on all that has happened on My Ocean Bliss over the last 30 days; It all started when I became a social butterfly for the first time, enjoyed the beach with some local larrikin lifeguards  and admitted to my obsession with beautiful fabrics. I've enjoyed inspirational lattes with friends, indulged in a love affair with D&G and even had time to acknowledge that I'm a good mum. I introduced you to Venus, participated in  some old fashioned community spirit and was completely surprised by the news of being nominated for a Leibster award. I stopped to enjoy one of the most quintessential Australian days of the year and took some time to to respectfully remember the fallen. I swooned over the movie that explored the scandalous affair that bought down an Empire, witnessed a solar eclipse of the heart and received postcards from my mum. Beach side glamour was on my mind as F. Scott Fitzgerald drew me tenderly into his night and I whimsically daydreamed about mermaids. I honoured universal children's day, honoured my own spirit by clearing out my bookshelf and took the opportunity to rejuvenate and reconnect by the seaside. Phew! and after all that I tried something I haven't done before and always wanted to; I found my inner Carmen

My expression of Bliss

I don't think I have ever acknowledged before just how abundant and enriching my day to day lifestyle is, so for that, My Ocean Bliss has truly bought me personal fulfilment and success. More importantly for my own self esteem, it has just highlighted to me how perfectly bright my own unique sparkle is.


  1. Heather, your blog is beautiful!! I see that you put a lot of time and efforts into your design of the blog. I submitted my homework 20 minutes after you did. Holly has inspired me in many different ways and I agree with you and I was also inspired by the statement that successful blogging comes from "staying true to ones own personality, spirit or character". You have a beautiful Etsy store and you put the Etsy box in a good and smart place. I'm staring at your products as I write you a comment. ;)

    1. Thank you Kaho for you generous and kind words. Its so uplifting to receive such positive feedback. I really like your blog improvements. Your layout and design is so crisp and chic.
      Kindest Regards Heather


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