Monday, 26 November 2012

Moments of Bliss : An opportunity to rejuvenate and reconnect

An early morning swim at Noosa Beach

Ahhh, just looking at this photo relaxes, calms and balances me. Miss R and I have just enjoyed a delightful and relaxing 'girly' weekend with the boys both away. Life has been somewhat hectic of late so I abandoned all of our usual routines and took the opportunity to just chill out and unwind with my gorgeous daughter. An early morning dip in the ocean was definitely the first on our list then we were off home to enjoy a home baked morning tea of gluten free banana and coconut cake.

A visit to our local Farmer's market was in order to stock up on some superb fresh local produce. Locally grown bananas and pineapples were coveted as well as a selection of huge bunches of fresh herbs and some adorable fruit and nut bread made by our local baker. But Miss R's pick of the day were the pictured below and very delightful cherry plums. Exactly as their name suggests, a little smaller then the size of sugar plums but packed with the sweetness of a cherry. I'm sure half of them were gone by the time we arrived home! 

Sugar Cherries from the Farmers Market and a special gift from a special girl.

The usual assortment of girly activities were enjoyed, such as nail painting, G rated movies, listening to all the music that big brothers complain about and long chats regarding school and friends. We enjoyed simple but luxurious dinners such as fresh creamy carbonara, not eaten often in our house and usually reserved for very special occasions. All the while we were communicating and reconnecting as a mother and daughter should. Regardless of how old my children are, I want them to know that I will always have time to stop and be there for them in whatever capacity they need me. It isn't always possible to devote a whole weekend to them so it is often in the one off activities or moments that arise for me to just stop and be in the moment with them. But, when the opportunity does arise, I take it with both hands and enjoy every minute of it. 

My beautiful Miss R ended the weekend by giving me a little hand made gift and a card that read how much fun she had spending time together and how special she felt. Little did she know she had already given my the biggest and best gift of all; herself and her love of life.

All photos taken by Heather


  1. sounds like a lovely weekend, time is the greatest gift we can give our children isn't it. nicolex

    1. I totally agree, even though at the time we feel like it isn't enough. Heather xx


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