Thursday, 15 November 2012

Inspiration Bliss : Postcards From My Mum

Postcards from my Mum's recent travels - photo by Heather

Quite simply put my mother is amazing! We have always been very close, I remember being desperately fretful as a small child any time I was separated from her. As so often happens, I never really fully understood the depth of our connection until I became a mum myself. As I have stomped my way through the sometimes tricky path in life she has been by my side guiding and encouraging me but not interfering. Through out each challenge or celebration, I get to know more of her and truly understand her strength of spirit. As life would have it, my mum has been faced with some massive choices to make in her life. Some at a very young age and some that would have been difficult to make. I believe the harder decisions have been the ones that have bought her the most triumph and joy. What an incredible role model she has been for me.

Mum is a firm believer in actions speaking louder then words which is something I have learned from her and in turn pass on to my children. She taught me that I could be a strong independent woman and still adore being a supportive wife and nurturer for my children. She has shown me how to believe in women's rights and stand up against sexism without taking on radical feminist views and actions. Most importantly, my mum helped me understand that I as a woman 'can have it all' when all is defined by me and only me and not society or anybody else.

Mum put her dreams on hold and her heart and soul into raising me which produced a healthy, well adjusted, polite, strong and blissful woman who is proud of her family. As a result, she only took her first  over seas trip a few short years ago. My dad was happy not to travel so she decided she would go it alone, putting her beliefs and all the she encouraged me to do in life into action. It was my turn to return the encouragement to her that she had given to me for so many years. I was so proud of her. From a coastal country town in southern N.S.W. she travelled on her own to New York City…. and loved every bit of it. This was the first of many trips and of all the postcards I was to receive from her. I love that she 'practises what she preaches' She devotes herself to her family but always finds new and exciting ways to honour her spirit and live a life full of adventure and delight. Where ever she is and whatever adventure she is on, she is thinking of her family and taking the time to send postcards (even though we are in daily email contact)

So, heres to my beautiful and amazing mum, for all that she is and all she has taught me and for all of her postcards of love she has sent me.


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