Thursday, 1 November 2012

Inspiration Bliss : Lattes can change lives

Lattes by the beach……. Bliss!

When my family and I relocated to Noosa 12 months ago, it was the first time I had ever been further then 30kms away from my dear mum and sister. Both of whom I am very close to and would meet up with for regular cuppas and delectable morning teas. Our conversations always came with a heavy dose of inspiration sprinkled with dashes of reality. With all the delight I have experience moving to and living on the Sunshine Coast, the one thing I miss most are my regular girly morning teas. I could never replace my mum and sister  and we still have long chats now held over Skype, FaceTime or the phone, but my heart craved those comforting, reassuring and very grounding times of face to face sharing.

I had the great fortune to met my dear friend Em through a mutual friend not long after my arrival to Noosa, she too was new to the area and far away from family and friends. We have children of similar age and and husbands with similar personalities and I just knew I would get along with her the minute I set eyes on her. As our kids friendships began to blossom, so to did Em's and mine. We usually caught up once a week and she quickly became my familiar face in this new adventure my life was on. I think the true measure of friendship is when you can be completely honest with someone without fear of judgement, when you can talk about the things you mull over in your mind not because you need an answer, but because you just need to be heard and sometimes just need to verbalise your thoughts. Lucky for me I found these attributes in Em

As the ebb and flow of life washed over us, Em found herself on the cusp of a new horizon career wise but was unsure as to how to take hold of it. We met for one of our lattes near the beach and spoke at a hundred miles to the hour to update each other of our previous week of families folly's. As usual our discussion turned into an exchange of ideas about our inspirations for the future.

Em had enjoyed over 10 years becoming successful and proficient in her chosen creative field, but felt that she needed a change and to feel as motivated and inspired by her career as she previously had. So, I asked her one simple question which was; regardless of time, money or qualifications, what would you love to do for your own fulfilment? She gave me three answers and said she had "never actually verbalised all of these three options before, not even to her husband" we hypothetically discussed the three options which set Em on a whole new and different thought process.

Three days later I received a phone call from Em, her excited voice telling me that "the lattes and discussion we shared had changed her life" She went on to tell me that she had applied for a job that she had previously expected to be deemed unsuitable for (which was actually one of the three options we had discussed). She actually got a call back on it that very same day and, had already had her first on the job training day. Em was so excited and thankful. In the process of giving a voice to her quiet thoughts and internal wishes she had found the confidence to accept a new path for her working life that both excited and thrilled her. Without the new outlook she now had and inner confidence she discovered, it could have been something she turned away from her life.

So, this is the proof that a latte with a friend can truly change your life!


  1. What a great story! Thanks for sharing it, it's inspiring.
    Alex (BYW)

  2. i have just found you and this is a sunny spot to visit ... happy friday and i look forward to following. ps. always inspiring to hear these sorts of stories x

  3. Hello Sarah,
    Thanks so much for visiting, I'm glad you enjoyed it.
    Regards Heather


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