Friday, 23 November 2012

Inspiration Bliss : Clearing my bookshelf

Discovering my creativity - photo by Heather

I recently read a fascinating post by Kylie Saunder about her long obsession with self development books. She states how she has had enough of being "so focused on trying to 'fix me' that I have lost connection with who I am". Reading this made gave me goosebumps. I too spent a time with  my bookshelves full of self help and spiritual guidance books, believing that this was the way to enlightenment, spiritual development and self discovery. Don't get me wrong, I wasn't depressed or unhappy or burdened by life. I was just trying to figure life out and how live it to my fullest potential possible. 

In the process of packing up my books during a move I had an epiphany. I was done with analysing myself, my life and my relationships! The stack of books lined up on my shelf were like a constant reminder of all the areas in my life that I had considered to have failed in. So when it was time to unpack the books in my new home, I decided to leave the self help titles in boxes and only fill my shelves with the lighter subjects in life such as travel, art, cooking, great fiction novels and general creativity. That was over 5 years ago now and I have since given away most of the books in those boxes. I still have a very few number of the inspiring or uplifting ones but in strict moderation. 

Once I made the change, I noticed something significant begin to happen though. Suddenly all of my mostly empty sketch books began to fill up, my digital SLR camera came out of its case and was put to good use and my music choice was even more lively amongst other positive changes in my life. I was making the space to bring joy and creativity into my presence and in doing so initiated my own journey of self discovery.

Have you taken stock of the books that sit on your bookshelf lately? Do they say something about where you are in your life at the moment?


  1. I have two friends whose parents have been on bestseller lists for self-help books. One of those authors has been on Ophrah too. But both friends said their families were messed up and possibly not good people to take advice from. So now I rarely read those types of books, thinking of the real people behind them. That was a surprise to me!

    I love your mood board - so filled with creative inspiration. I'm starting to take more painting classes - I'm really enjoying it!!

  2. Hello Laura, thanks for dropping by.
    Wow, thats fascinating about your friends. Its an interesting topic to think about.
    Keep up those painting classes!

    Warm regards Heather

  3. This is really interesting, i too have had my fair share of those books too. I guess there is only so much analysing you can do before you have to get out and live life. We all search for meaning and it sounds like you have found it in giving your creative side room to explore and grow.
    My shelves are full of interiors and travel books of exotic places Ive been and want to go to. I don't get time to read novels these days with a 2 yr old but its great to flick through those books with inspiring pics. nicx

    1. Hi Nici, I totally understand about the novels. I don't think I read any really for about 6 or so years when the kids were little. It was picture books all the way for me back then! Heather xx


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