Friday, 16 November 2012

Fashion Bliss : Beach Glamour

 Classic Blond Bombshell images (1) & (2)

As some of you lovely readers in the northern hemisphere are rugging up and settling into a cosy winter, we down here in the southern hemisphere are heating up in preparation for our balmy summer holiday season. Here in Noosa, my family have been swimming and enjoying the beach for the last couple of wonderful months and are counting down to the beginning of the summer holidays.

Throughout summer I love gazing at all of the swimwear fashions on our local beaches, especially since we have so many visitors to Noosa from all over our beautiful country and indeed the world.To me nothing is more glamorous then a beautifully curvaceous body in a classic well fitted swimming costume. Marilyn Monroe the adored blond bombshell is the embodiment of such glamour.

Grace Kelly - Classic Style and Charm : images (3) & (4)

And who could forget the timeless style of the ever so beautiful Grace Kelly. So chic and hard to believe these photos were taken over 50 years ago. That's the thing about classic glamour, it just doesn't date.

Sean Connery and Claudine Auger in Thunderball

And for the boys….. I have noticed many swimming trunks and short classic cut shorts making a huge fashionable comeback recently. Check out my post on 'A love affair with Dolce & Gabbana' to view some very 'talented' Mr's modelling this fabulous style. It is so European and reminds me of the alluring magnetism of Sean Connery as James Bond or Cary Grant; charming suave dashing and handsome and extremely pleasant to the eye. 

Cary Grant and Betsy Drake (5) & Cary Grant and Randolph Scott (6)

So know that at some time over this week end I will be relaxing on one of my favourite local beaches with Mr P (in his short shorts) and my juniors, adorned with my classically styled, well fitted cozzie and checking out all of the other glamorous babes and handsome Mr's. Ahhhh what bliss.

I hope you find some time to be blissful this weekend too! 

Photo Credits : (1)(2), (3), (4), (5), (6)


  1. Cool photos! I already miss the summer... Emjoy it!
    Have a nice weekend! Alex.

    1. Thanks Alex. Hope you're having a blissful weekend too!
      Heather xx


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