Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Extra Bliss : Universal Children's Day

My Blissful Boy

Today is Universal Children's Day as declared by the United Nations. So today I take a moment to honour my beautiful children and their remarkable spirits, and be thankful for their good health and well being. Like all parents I am proud of my children and all they have achieved in their lives.  Mostly I am thankful that I live in a safe country that allows me to provide them with the resources and experiences they require to flourish and succeed. It is my belief that every child has the potential to brighten and change the world for the better. I encourage my kids to believe that for themselves and have faith in their own unique attributes.

My Blissful Girl

When I ponder the theological meaning behind the word inspiration as being; A divine influence directly and immediately exerted on the soul, I think instantly of my kids. They are my inspiration to live the finest life I can, to be the best person possible and along with their father, to be two of their greatest role models in life.

'….. we all share the desire for the well- being of our children, which has always been and will continue to be the most universally cherished aspiration of humankind'

 Report of the UN secretary General 2001 World summit for children


  1. beautiful words and the sun setting on the children is just stunning x


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