Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Extra Bliss : Solar Eclipse of my heart

Solar Eclipse at Palm Cove Qld Australia
 (photo credit ABC News )

Mother nature turned on a brilliant show for her Australian inhabitants this morning with the first total solar eclipse here since 2002. The glorious event was to be had in Northern Queensland but still had an effect down here in Noosa. My Miss R was worried that she would loose her eyesight  if she went out in the sun. After my careful explanation that she would be fine if she didn't look directly at the eclipse, she was happy to view the event  from our back yard. It was slightly eerie though, as the sunlight faded  we noticed the usual active tweets (real bird noises) and chirps of our local native birds to be missing. It was ever so quiet.

It got me to thinking about how the event of a total solar eclipse has influenced our history. There have been many a superstitious, mythological and legendary story or idea written about them over the years. Ancient wars have began and ended over them, mathematical puzzles have been solved and scientific research has been completed in their name.

For me personally, it is a gentle reminder from mother nature that no matter how tidy or organised my house is (or often isn't) how early or late I get the juniors to school, whether I get my daily walk near the ocean or if our finances are in the red or black, that the cycle of nature and life will continue to be just as it always has. It is what it is, which is quite simple really and reminds me of a buddhist saying  "I need a simple heart that gives joy to others" 

Diwali Festival Lanterns
(photo from On the go tours)

Another interesting and ironic fact about todays date is that it is Diwali (pronounced divali) The festival of light that is honoured by Hindu's worldwide and it's date is set by the lunar calendar. The festival celebrate the victory of light over dark, good over evil and knowledge over ignorance. It is celebrated with an abundance of lights and lots of sweets are shared around. My family and I had the good fortune to be in Fiji one year over Diwali. As there is quite a large Hindu population in Fiji the celebrations were extensive. It was just beautiful and fabulously memorable. 

So, it seems the moon and the sun have come together once again to remind us of the beauty of Mother nature. This to me seems like a good time to celebrate a new beginning and a fresh phase in the cycle of nature and life, which has come at a rather significant and auspicious time for me personally.  


  1. Wise words and a very spectactular photo you have chosen. Somehow I envy you that you had this kind of start into the day :), hugs Eva

    1. Yes Eva, it was a spectacular start to the day! Heather xx


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