Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Design Bliss : Be a Mermaid

Image sourced from Studio Wonder

I found this fantastic quote a little while ago when I was perusing pinterest. It isn't entirely 100% true for me as I do at times have moments of fear when I feel out of my depth. Though I most certainly strive every day to live a fulfilling, heart felt, thoughtful and authentic life. In any case, the image and words struck a cord with my heart and set my thoughts into a mermaid frenzy.

A photo of an illustration from Carla Coulson's - Italian Joy

I immediately thought of this gorgeous image from one of my all time favourite books 'Italian Joy by Carla Coulson' It always makes me smile and reminds me of a cheeky 1950's pinup poster with a definite Italian vibe. It makes me think of the little mermaid, but all grown up. She's beautiful and glamorous yet her vulnerability is her strength.

Every little girl is fascinated by mermaids at one time or another; aren't they?

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