Monday, 12 November 2012

Cultural Bliss : W.E. Movie Glamour

W.E. the movie and sound track.

We experienced some rain here in paradise this last weekend, so I thought I would catch up on a movie I have been meaning to see for sometime. W.E. is Madonna's interpretation of the scandalous affair between Prince Edward (James D'Arcy) and divorcee Wallace Simpson (Andrea Riseborough), which eventually forced the Abdication of Edward as the King of England.

The detail in this film is a visual magnificence, with the costume and set design being that of charm and opulence. Throughout the film I was swooned by the tender and sometimes haunting music that flowed beautifully with the emotive feeling of the film. The luxurious locations such as Italy's Portofino only enhanced the splendid beauty of W.E. 

Photo 1 and 2 - James D'Arcy and Andrea Risenborough in their heartfelt role as Edward and Wallis

The film weaves a duel narrative of heartfelt love, despair and self discovery through the lives of Wallis Simpson during the 1930's and the contemporary Wallis (Wally) Winthrop (Abby Cornish) in 1998. Wally is obsessed with the life of Mrs Simpson just as her mother and grandmother were before her. (hence the reason she was called Wallis) In my opinion this narrative was executed beautifully and becomes very much a story of what one will do in search of,  and for, true and unconditional love.

Photo 3 and 4 - Edward and Wallis, The Duke and Duchess of Windsor 

Being a royalist at heart there were some aspects to the portrayal of the Royal Family that in my opinion were unfair and perhaps just uneducated but; as it seems the motive of this movie was to depict a  sympathetic opinion to the plight of Wallace Simpson, I was prepared to overlook it. 

If you are expecting an unbiased depiction of this major historical royal event, then this isn't the film for you. But, if you are willing to view a fanciful Hollywood version and be moved by a story about alluring love, commitment and honour accompanied by glorious luxury, romance and charm, then I highly recommend W.E. I have added the official trailer from You Tube for it below; enjoy!

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