Monday, 15 October 2012

Three blogs that charm me.

I may be a new blogger but have been reading blogs for some time now. I find them to be a real source of creative inspiration. I have even reached the point that I would rather click into one of my favourite blogs then pick up a current magazine. To me, blogs feel more personal. When I read about Willow's creative ideas, Nicole's latest designs or Pia's recent moment to stop and acknowledge the beauty in her life, I feel connected to each and every one of these ladies and their blogs. In a world where social media is said to be driving human connection apart, I find that I feel connected to new acquaintances. With out their blogs I would not get to share their inspirations with them.

So, I would like to introduce you to 3 blogs that charm me. 

The first one is by Willow Crossley author of 'The art of handmade living' and is called Willow Rose Boutique. I discovered Willow recently when I purchased her lovely book which captured my attention in the window of my local bookstore. This blog is a very simple and fresh look at the creative life she leads. Its a lovely fusion of fashion, family  life and adventures, food and her own personal creative inspirations. 

Willow Crossley's Art of Handmade Living pictured by me

Secondly is the blog by Pia Jane Bijkirk  author of 'My Heart Wanders' and is simply self titled. Pia is a stylist and photographer specialising in interiors, still life and food. She uses her home as her workspace and her travels as inspiration. Pia and her partner have recently became parents which has added another dimension to her blog. Pia documents her life and surroundings through the lens of her camera. She produces stunning images complimented by delicate words. Her blog is a picturesque joy to visit.

Pia Jane Bijkirk's 'My Heart Wanders' pictured by me

The last one is very special to me and belongs to a dear friend of mine, Nicole Nicol her blog is called Alphabet Monkey. Nicole is an amazingly talented designer who works for a large national furniture and home wares company who continued her evolution as a designer when her little man was born. She designs the most adorable hand made unique boutique bed linen for little ones, giving readers sneak peeks at 'What's on the sewing machine' She shares her design ideas with her readers and talks about what her creative inspirations are. Alphabet monkey is refreshing, creative and a pure delight to visit.
One of Nici's Fabric designs. Picture by Nicole Nicol at Alphabet Monkey

So, there you had it. the three blogs that charm me. I'd love to hear what your favourite blogs are, please let me know!


  1. Thanks for the special and in such amazing company too. You are right that blogging can enhance human connections and I will love watching your blog grow as you have such an authentic and unique voice. Nicolex

  2. Thanks for your lovely words Nicole. The whole reason I am blogging today is because of your encouragement, you are a beautiful friend. Heather xx


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