Thursday, 11 October 2012

So many ideas, but where has all the time gone?

Little treasures of inspiration.

Have you ever had one of 'those' days that began with thoughts of inspiration, creativity, clarity and drive and with the actual time to try to bring such merriment into reality; only to discover that at the end of the day you achieved quite little, leaving you wondering where the time has gone? One of mine was yesterday.

I have jumped straight into the Blog Your Way e-course with Holly Becker at Decor8 which I must say has not failed to impress me at all, I love it! I have met some very friendly and helpful students (online) who have interesting and inspiring blogs of their own. But, there is a reason this course is called a bootcamp; it has been full steam ahead with information to read, forums to participate in, webcasts and podcasts to watch and listen to, homework to complete and new information to comprehend. All of which I am completely up for.

However, this wealth of new and inspiring information has put me into a bit of a spin, unable to stay focused on what has to be completed. I find myself flitting over my favourite blogs to observe whether or not some of Holly's suggested techniques are being used. Then I stop to consider if these techniques are what drew me to these, my favourite blogs. I begin to wonder if my blog will ever be as good as some of my favourites, and of course stop to peruse the latest posts at these blogs.

I console myself with the thought that none of this time is wasted as it is valuable research only to look at the clock and realise my kid free time is dwindling away and I'm yet to tick a completed task off my list. My former clarity and drive has now become a thick haze of contemplation and my brain feels like the jumbled mess of a knotted ball of twine

Before I knew it I was wearing my mother hat again (not that its a bad hat to wear, I adore the fit actually) and didn't have time to be anxious over what I hand't achieved. There was a whole new list to complete that didn't involve me sitting in front of my computer. So, I did what every good beach girl does and took the kids for an afternoon walk along the beach where the salt air, sunshine and sand allowed me to clear my head, ground myself and become inspired once again.

So please tell me, have you have one of 'these' days lately? How did you get through it? I'd love to hear about it


  1. I feel ya, Heather. Just when I start to get into the groove, it seems that time has slipped away! I am usually a to-do list maker, but lately, I have been putting an impossible amount of things on my lists. I realize that scaling them back and trying to focus on just a few things makes it a little more manageable.

    :) Jacque (from BYW)

    1. Thanks Jacque for letting me know I'm not alone and thanks for stopping in at my new little blog.

      Kindest regards Heather

  2. I can relate to that jumbled ball of twine ..I think I feel it today ! I guess we are all in the same boat and we must keep our priorities in order. Great post, nicolex

  3. So true about our priorities Nic. It's an on going learning curve for me.


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