Friday, 26 October 2012

Ocean Bliss : Becoming a social butterfly

Social butterfly image via pinterest

Starting this new little blog of mine has opened me up to the world of social media (eek cringe!) I've tried to keep it at bay for as long as I can. Largely due to the fact I have children and the whole social media scene, as it is being used by kids, scares the living daylights out of me. I have refused to get to know the benefits of social media, until recently. It has been a reoccurring theme throughout my current BYW Bootcamp studies with Holly Becker at Decor8. I have read some quite compelling articles in favour of social media  and networking when used correctly, honestly and with integrity. I have witnessed for myself how it can connect people, ideas and creative energies that just would not happen otherwise. Like me being here in Australia and able to connect with a charming fellow blogger in Scotland called Alison Gibb who's fun and creative blog is called 'Her Indoors'.

My Current Pinterest Page

I have been pinning like a mad woman on pinterest (see above) for the last few months and hadn't actually acknowledged that this is a form of social media and networking. Becoming slightly obsessed by pinterest, I have introduced it to my man, my mum and my sister to it, who too have become hooked.

My Current Twitter Page

So, I am educating myself and have recently happily joined the world of social media via twitter. I'm still getting the hang of it and am very much still learning but, I must say at this point, it isn't as 'scary' as I once perceived it to be.

Apart from posting comments on this blog, you can contact me via;

Drop by and pay me a visit. I'd love to have your company on this new and exciting road I find myself navigating.


  1. Hi Heather, would love to think I am the fellow blogger in Scotland - I am certainly a fellow blogger in Scotland!! Have also struggled with social media - particularly twitter - still strugglig actually, and Pinterest, but have happily got the hang of pinterest and am absolutely addicted!! Have just followed you...hope you can find me on there too! x

    1. You certainly are my fellow blogger in Scotland Alison, I'm actually going to update this post to include your details so others can find you gorgeous blog.

      Thanks for dropping by and visiting me!

  2. Hi Heather,
    I have just started with social media when starting with the BYW class. Thus I am glad to read now about your experiences with social media. And it is great to discover now a blog from the other side of the world via BYW class.
    Best wishes from Germany, not so far away from the North Sea :-)

  3. Isn't it amazing that two people from two completely different counties can connect through a shared love of blogging!
    I have just been visiting your fantastic blog It has made me hungry and has put me in the mood to cook something yummy

    Thanks for visiting, Regards Heather

  4. Hey! I live in Greece and I'm developing my own blog too. it is so nice when people can "meet each other" through internet and love for blogging. I just found your blog and I like it very much. And followed you on pinterest too! I'll be visiting your blog often from now on. :)

  5. Thanks for visiting my new little blog Anna-Rosa. I have just been visiting your gorgeous I love the design of it. Its fantastic to be able to connect with such a talented and creative person like yourself. Regards Heather

  6. beautiful track.. i'm half aussie, this makes me want to come for a visit... thanks for popping over to lottie loves, great to meet you in blog world, i'll be sure to keep in touch! lottie xo

  7. You should come for a visit! it is definately worth the long flight. You'll have a fellow blogger to meet up with and a place to stay if you ever make it to Noosa. Kindest regards Heather

  8. Hi Heather, Lisa dropping in from BYW boot camp. Your blog always cheers me up. I like this post as its a nice way to get people to visit your social media without the hard sell. It's a bit sad the course is near the end... I resisted social media for ages too. Facebook drives me crazy! Look forward to more of your blog xlisa

  9. Hi Lisa thanks for calling by! It's great to know that my blog is being read but its even better when I get wonderful feedback like yours. Thank you for your kind words. I'll be visiting you at mummy manifesto often, even though our course is ending! thanks again Lisa
    Regards Heather


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