Friday, 5 October 2012

My kids still play in trees!

Kids in trees

I recently took this photo of my children with some of their friends.   I find it so adorable and reminiscent of my own childhood that I just had to share it. This is a regular event in my back yard, unbelievably there are six kids playing in this gorgeous tree.

We'd had a marvellous day swimming at the beach and meandering amongst the magnificent nature walks along the beach. A barbecue was in order to complete such a glorious day so the relevant phone calls were made and plans derived as for who was bringing what. Just before the sun set for the day,  the adults fired up the BBQ and sipped on our refreshing glasses of Rose' while the kids gravitated to their special place at our amazing tree.

It was such a beautiful sight seeing arms and legs dangling from the tree with squeals of laughter echoing out from the branches. It was as though the tree itself was laughing with joy and excitement while embracing all six children in the beauty of its greatness.

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