Saturday, 20 October 2012

Inspirational Bliss : Carla Coulson, a woman to admire

Carla Coulson's Italian Joy - Some of my Favourite Images  from her book

"I had found my calling. My camera opened up a life about which I had only ever fantasised; a life filled with people, excitement, passion and exuberant discussions without end." 

That was written by the lovely Carla Coulson in her gorgeous book Italian Joy. Carla is an Aussie born once Sydney based business woman who at the age of 35 changed EVERYTHING to find her true and authentic self and her inner passion that allowed her internal light to glow and illuminate her path in life. 

Carla was living life on auto pilot like many of us often do. On paper she had it all; great job, inner Sydney Art Deco styled apartment and a great relationship with her family. Whilst in her heart she was miserable and knew she had to make some huge changes. What eventuated was a massive upheaval  and complete life change from a busy, plush, materialistic, corporate but empty life to a simple, creative, inspired and fulfilled life.

Carla did this by; renting out her apartment, putting all of her worldly belongings into storage, selling her business and packing two suitcases of belongings including her old Nikon camera and heading to Italy. She Challenged herself, took action by not giving in to her fears and emotions, didn't let her nerves paralyse her and became pro-active in fulfilling her life path rather then being re-active to life. For all of this I admire her most!

Some of my Favourite photography by Carla Coulson

As Carla explored the beauty of Italy through the lens of her camera, she began to find herself. Finding joy in her life through the relationships she now had the time to build and by documenting the delight she was experiencing through her photography. She opened up to her creative self and found her passion in life. She says in her book that she "dreamed she was Annie Leibovitz by day and Audrey Hepburn by night" and "that woman who was dying inside is alive and well, living a rich tapestry of moments and emotions she always expected and hoped life could be" How inspirational is that?

As a result Carla is now a professional photographer with her fashion, portraiture and travel photography being published in some very high profile magazines. She has photographed six photographic books and written three of her own as well as running photography workshops. Carla also offers private portraiture shoots which produces some of her most elegantly beautiful work. She brilliantly captures the beauty and charm from within all of her clients. The authentic joy Carla has in her life is so charmingly captured by her work, I actually feel her happiness through her photography

Photography by Carla Coulson - capturing the beauty and essence held within both of these gorgeous women

Knowing that this success came to Carla from having the courage to change her life and find her true calling inspires me to take action and be pro-active in my own life. To follow my creative dreams and to make my creative passions a part of the ritual of my life by weaving the creative fabric of my being in to a reality.

Do you have that creative someone that you admire or are inspired by? I'd love to hear who it is and what their story is. Drop me a line and let me know.


  1. Wow I am blown away by your sweet and it makes me feel so good that you enjoyed my book and it inspires you! Reading this makes my day Gracie Mille gorgeous Heather xxxCarla

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