Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Family Bliss : My daughter and her hooter

Do you remember these funny old horns?

On a stroll along Noosa's Hasting Street, my cheeky daughter found a bucket full of old fashioned honking hooter horns at a funky boutique specialty store. Do you remember the ones like we used to have on our pushies (bikes) when we were kids? For those of us who were kids during or before the 70's that is. Of course she thought they were hilarious, and decided to spent her pocket money on one.

During the 5 minute drive home she decided to test it out......... At anyone we drove past! Consequently, our very "cool"  teenage son spent the whole drive laying on the back seat hyperventilating with embarrassment. His parents being of no help spent the entire time with tears of laughter rolling down our face at the unfolding scenario between our two kids.

Within a tremendously short time of arriving home the 'hooter' was confiscated, as our mischievous daughter decided to chase our dear old family cat with it. 

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