Thursday, 27 September 2012

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 Since this is my very first post on my very new first ever blog it is only fitting that it be one about the ocean!

It is school holidays here on the sunny coast and my family have been busy socialising and enjoying not having a schedule to run to, but it is time to regroup as a family. Much to my teenage son's displeasure, it was time for a 'family only day'.

We all rose early and had breakfast together then packed up for a morning at the beach. With sunscreen lathered, snacks packed and surfboard at the ready we were off to Noosa main beach. It has been overcast here for the last few days so my husband and I were looking forward to feeling the early morning sun on our skin.  

Noosa was at its usual school holiday buzz of activity. I love sitting on the beach and hearing the many different accents of tourist that have travelled afar to be on our shores. Sometimes, I still feel like I'm on holidays and can't believe we actually live here and that this is our local beach.

Looking out over the clear blue ocean and watching my family swimming and surfing left me feeling quite blissful to say the lest. The desired result was achieved, we regrouped as a family and felt re energised by our swim in the ocean. All that was left to do was to finish the morning with gelato for the kids and skinny lattes for mum and dad.

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