Friday, 28 September 2012

My Love of Italy

Sorrento on Italy's Amalfi Coast and The Island of Capri (bottom Left and Right) all taken by me.

I have had so many beautiful holidays by the sea but nothing has ever topped my visit to Italy and particularly The Amalfi Coast. I will never forget our approach to Sorrento via the coastal road beside the cliff edge that seemed to be barely one lane wide. I was amazed at how the front doors to the homes virtually opened up onto the road and only left the narrowest of foot paths for pedestrians to walk along, especially since I came from a typical suburban, coastal Australian town with a huge front and rear yard.  When it was "safe" our gorgeous Italian bus driver (who assured us he had driven the road many times before and that the road was perfectly safe for a tour bus) pulled over to give us our first glimpse of Sorrento. The anxiety of the previous 30 minutes dissipated immediately. The first photo above is the very view we saw.  Being there was truly like living in a dream, breathtakingly beautiful and simply stunning, I felt as though I was in a 1960's Italian movie. Sorrento and it's locals were even more beautiful then all the travel guides and pictures I had studied before my arrival. We had an amazing dinner experience as we dined by candlelight at a cliff top restaurant that overlooked Sorrento and were politely attended by waiters in white tuxedo jackets and black pants (just above the Excelsior Vittoria sign in the photo second row down)

Another beautiful memory is from when we visited the Island of Capri. A typical day consisted of a morning swim in the crystal clear waters of the Mediterranean sea, followed by a leisurely sun bake on our hired beach chairs under our hired striped umbrellas (which were all lined in a pretty and conforming rows) on the rocky shore line and listening the the passionate discussions of the beautiful Italians next to us.
  So today I pay homage to a charming holiday memory by the ocean at Sorrento on the Amalfi Coast.


  1. Gorgeous photos!
    Brought back great memories for me of my trip to Capri and Cinque Terre. Thank you! :)

    Wishing you all the best,
    Mary (from BYW Bootcamp)

  2. Hello Mary, Thanks for calling by.

    Yes Capri is a gorgeous part of the world. It's my pleasure to share my photos, especially when I receive lovely comments like yours. Are you enjoying Bootcamp? its great isn't it.

    Kindest Regards Heather


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